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Saving and benefits in a single life insurance policy

Saving and benefits in a single life insurance policy. Securing life insurance is one of the greatest expressions of love towards our loved ones. It’s an investment to ensure that, when we’re no longer in this world, they can maintain their standard of living and pursue their dreams. Many hardworking individuals invest some of their efforts into a life insurance policy. But what if someone has been paying premiums for a long and needs financial assistance due to life circumstances?
This is a common and valid concern. Organized individuals living on a salary worry about making the most of their money. They manage it carefully, seeking high utility in every expense or investment.
For those considering life insurance and wanting it to be a sound investment, there’s a type of permanent life insurance that might be appealing: indexed universal life insurance.
In addition to the death benefit payout to a family member (standard in all life policies), this coverage includes a savings component that accrues constant interest. It’s a portion of the policy’s money that functions like a savings account indexed to a stock market index.
Though it may seem complicated, let’s break it down. The saved money goes into an investment fund that regularly increases based on the performance of the associated stock market index.
Since the fund is guaranteed, only the positive values of the index will influence it, never the negative ones. The result is that this product addresses two needs in one policy.
On the one hand, you get the death benefit from a traditional life insurance policy. On the other hand, you build a savings fund generating significant interest that you can access if needed—during a rough patch in old age.
To protect your family without neglecting yourself, call Univista Insurance and inquire about indexed universal life insurance. They’ll explain in detail how to obtain this product or a similar one. Saving and benefits in a single life insurance policy.

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