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6 popular myths about auto insurance

6 popular myths about auto insurance. There are many urban legends that are passed down among drivers as golden rules when buying car insurance. On this note, we intend to dismantle some of those myths.

  1. The credit does not affect the insurance
    Credit is one of the fundamental factors that insurance companies look at when calculating the price of premiums. They also take into account the driver’s age and driving history.
  2. Insuring a red car is more expensive
    It is one of the most widespread myths that the color of the car influences the price of the policy. It is not real, it influences the model, the brand, and the year of manufacture.
  3. Fines increase the price of the premium
    The fines can influence the price of the insurance premium if the driver is a disaster that is fined every time he takes the road. But if someone is ticketed for a minor violation, this will not automatically increase the price of the premium.
  4. The all-risk insurance -comprehensive- covers everything
    Don’t be mistaken by the name of this coverage. Comprehensive covers you if an animal crosses the road, damage suffered by fire, vandalism, a storm, if a tree or any object falls on it. But it will not cover you if you collide with another car or a traffic sign, for that you need a collision policy. Nor, if your car is flooded with water.
  5. You do not pay the deductible, if the accident is someone else’s fault
    It is not quite correct. If you are rear-ended by another vehicle while you are stopped at a light waiting for a green light, it is the other driver’s fault. However, you must pay the deductible in order for your insurer to compensate you for covered damages. In most cases, your insurance company will refund your deductible, if you are successful in reimbursing from fault. But that takes time.
  6. In Florida, any car insurance is cheap
    Don’t be fooled! You can get the cheapest auto insurance in Florida only at Univista Insurance. 6 popular myths about auto insurance.

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