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8 tips before hitting the road

8 tips before hitting the road. Holidays are here. After a year of confinement, this long-awaited moment arrives to visit those places that we postponed last year due to the pandemic.
One of the most popular summer options is to travel by road to Orlando, California, Tampa, Georgia, or New York, miles and miles away. It is time, as they say in Cuba, to “let go of your hair and hit the road.”
But before embarking on an adventure with the family, it is important to comply with eight tips that will allow you to get to where you set out safely.
First, it is essential to check the condition of the tires, check if they need air or if the time has come to replace them. A heavily worn tire can be the cause of a 70 mph blowout resulting in a fatal accident. Don’t overlook the spare tire.
Second, it is important to check if the car has the oil level that the engine needs to run smoothly. If the oil change is very close, it is preferable to do it before going on a long journey.
Now it’s time to look at the brakes. It is not advisable to drive 500 or 700 miles with problems when braking. Over such long distances and at such high speeds, you may need to use powerful brakes multiple times.
Our summer is accompanied by rain. Before taking the road, it is essential to check the windshield wipers, see if they work correctly if they slide without making noise and leaving a clean surface behind. If not, it is advisable to change them. Be careful, fill the reservoir with windshield washer fluid that will help you eliminate the insects that remain stuck on the glass of the car.
Fifth, check all the lights on the car, the two headlights, the brake lights, the high beam, and the turn signals.
Sixth, you must drive in fresh clothes and comfortable shoes. Outfits that allow you to keep your full attention on the road. Do not rule out carrying sunglasses within easy reach.
Finally, review the insurance policy and locate the phone number for the roadside assistance service. 8 tips before hitting the road.
I was overlooked, if you are sleepy do not drive, find a service area and take a nap. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye.

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