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Hairdresser issued, after 20 years of business

A hairdresser issued for the first time, after 20 years of business. Rosa’s hairdresser is the neighborhood’s fashionable salon. The quality of the service it provides and its 20 years of experience have enabled it to forge a very loyal clientele. However, last week, Rosa experienced one of the worst moments of her career.
It all happened when she treated a client who wanted to dye her hair. After agreeing on her color and asking the standard questions about whether she was allergic to certain compounds, Rosa began to apply the dye. “This dye is very soft, it is made from natural products,” the experienced hairdresser boasted as she worked on the lady’s head.
After the work was finished, the client left very satisfied. But what seemed like a routine day at work turned into a real nightmare.
The next day, the client appeared in the salon in a very bad mood. She was accompanied by one of her children, who claimed to be a lawyer to warn her that they were going to sue her. The client came from the doctor, she had sores all over her skull and she was losing her hair.
Rosa, very nervous, contacted her insurance company. It was the first time in two decades of work that I had experienced such an unpleasant time.
Her company reviewed the Civil Liability Insurance and, after verifying that everything was in order and that she had Professional Liability Coverage, she transferred the claim to a law office that will handle her case. “Everything related to the lawsuit is covered by insurance, both legal fees and compensation,” she said in a very slow voice.
Rosa breathed calmly again. And although she deeply regrets what happened to the client, the business that she has so lovingly built throughout her life is not in danger of closure.
The hairdresser wants to investigate why the product caused these injuries to her client and, in the meantime, she has stopped using it. A hairdresser issued for the first time, after 20 years of business.
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