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Accidents at home? Do you have good insurance?

Accidents at home? Do you have good insurance? A Cuban friend of my father came to the US and dreamed of eating a steak “like in the movies.” Very great, “that he could bite, fill his mouth and feel, for the first time, that his teeth were performing the activity for which they were created,“ chewing meat ”.
Well, after the welcome greetings. My father put on the table a huge and juicy sirloin steak and a bottle of wine. The man sat down happily, cut a good piece of meat, while he smiled and raised it to his mouth. He chewed quickly and swallowed. Well, at least that’s what he tried. Suddenly he felt the flesh not move down his throat. And he started gesturing for help. Friends laughed, they thought he was joking about how long he had been without eating meat. Until the Lord fainted and he died of suffocation, a victim of the flesh that he so desired.
Yes, more than 5,000 Americans die in their homes due to suffocation caused by food. Young children, in addition to choking on food, often swallow small objects, such as buttons or parts of their toys.
We have the impression that our home is the safest place on earth. However, statistics say that more than 30,000 Americans die as a result of the 20 million falls that occur inside homes.
We must make our home a safe environment. To do this, it is essential to remove all objects that can cause injuries, such as cables, rugs, remove toys from stairs, collect garden hoses, put fences around swimming pools, and keep medicines out of the reach of children.
Keep in mind that if someone is injured inside your home and you are uninsured, it could cost you a fortune in medical bills, even in lawsuits. Accidents at home? Do you have good insurance?
Regardless of the steps, you take to prevent accidents, keep in mind that accidents can always happen. What will never let you down is having a good insurance policy from Univista Insurance.
By the way, the home insurance helped with the expenses to repatriate the lifeless body of my father’s friend.

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