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Am I well protected with my home insurance?

Am I well protected with my home insurance? When purchasing homeowners insurance, most homeowners focus on knowing what the contract covers. We know that a typical contract covers roof leaks, damage caused by broken pipes, fires, theft, vandalism, personal belongings, etc. But few of us put the emphasis on finding out what the contract we are signing does not cover.
Sometimes it is even more important to know what is not covered to avoid unpleasant surprises when making a claim.
Well, typical home insurance usually doesn’t cover jewelry, art objects, or pieces from art collections that you have in your home. For this, it is recommended to have a specialized policy.
It also generally does not cover damage from flooding. That is the water that enters the house as a result of the flooding of a river, the sea, or even the breakage of the city’s sewage system. If a person lives in an area classified as flood risk, it is recommended that they purchase the respective policy to protect their investment.
Damage to your home due to lack of maintenance is also excluded from typical insurance. That is, an unattended leak, the rotting of part of the roof that has been growing due to lack of care, nor is the damage caused by rainwater entering through a broken window and spoiling the wooden floor covered.
Now that many people choose to run their business from home, it’s good to know that homeowners insurance will cover business tools and equipment only up to an amount specified in the policy. If you work with expensive equipment or store expensive products, it’s best to have the right business policy.
In South Florida, houses are very prone to termites. Termite damage is also excluded from the typical policy. If you see traces of these insects, contact an extermination company to prevent further damage to your property.
If you have children and you install a trampoline in your yard for them to jump and have fun, it is not a bad idea to look in your policy, because the accidents and damages resulting from some of these devices are usually not covered either.
In short, look in the contract for what it does not cover so that you can act accordingly. Am I well protected with my home insurance?
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