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American Rescue Plan: You Can Benefit Too

American Rescue Plan: You Can Benefit Too. Millions of people are taking advantage of government-subsidized health plans as part of the $ 1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, which took effect last April.
Before the initiative, many Americans, although considered poor, had to pay 4% of their income to obtain subsidized health plans. With the new plan, that has changed. Those who enter between 100 and 150% of the federal poverty level do not have to fork out any of their already deteriorated finances to access health insurance. Therefore, it is estimated that in Florida some 270,000 residents without insurance could access medical coverage with zero-dollar premiums.
But this plan has not only benefited the neediest, those who enter above 400% of the poverty level can take advantage of it. For example, an individual making about $ 70,000 a year could save about $ 1,000 a month in health insurance premium payments. Something similar happens with a family of four, whose income is $ 90,000 a year. Starting in April, they can save about $ 200 a month in insurance premiums.
It is difficult to know if you and your family will benefit from the American Rescue Plan, to verify it is best to call Univista Insurance. American Rescue Plan: You Can Benefit Too.
Remember that the opportunity to upgrade your current plan or enroll during the special period for the most subsidized Obamacare in history will be open until August 15th.

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