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Are you ready to face a category four hurricane?

Are you ready to face a category four hurricane? Hurricane season is here. Many people will prepare to mitigate the potential impact that strong winds, blackouts, and floods can have on the home.

Others make a list that includes the first aid kit, bottled water, canned food, cookies, bread, flashlights, spare batteries, portable radios, kerosene stoves. And as tasks to fulfill the plan to prune the trees, to check the roof, the downspouts, the sewers of the patio, to assure all the windows of the house, and in general to fix the necessary damages.

However, there is something fundamental that most people do not do and that is to review your home insurance policy. It is important to look at insurance coverage, such as a reconstruction policy or coverage for your personal belongings. And do not forget the deductible amount that you must pay, for example, in case a strong wind damages your roof.

It is best to contact your trusted insurance agent at Univista Insurance and go over all the details of your home insurance. When you have resolved each of your questions, then you are ready to face a hurricane of the next category.

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