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A plane falls on a vehicle in Miami

Auto insurance: A plane falls on a vehicle in Miami. Unfortunately, during this weekend, a car that was traveling on the Haulover bridge, north of Miami Beach, was literally hit by a plane. One person died, and others were rescued and taken to a nearby hospital. According to the images that appeared in the media, the car was badly damaged. Most likely it will be declared: Total Loss.
When someone takes out car insurance, the least they think about is that a plane or a tree could fall on them. What is the possibility of a similar event happening? However, we see that it is possible.
If a tree falls on a car, whose owner only has the minimum coverage in Florida, he will have to pay out of pocket to repair the vehicle, due to the lack of collision insurance. If you do not know what collision insurance consists of, we will explain it to you:
In Florida, the law requires that each car owner contract at least two mandatory coverages, one for Personal Injury Protection, PIP, and another for Property Damage Liability (PDL) of third parties, not of the vehicle itself.
Collision coverage, which is not compulsory, is the one that covers the damages suffered by the vehicle itself when it has an accident. For example, when colliding with an object or building on the road. It is useful if, after an accident, the other driver lacks sufficient coverage to repair the damage caused. It also covers damage caused by hail and if a plane, a tree, or an act of vandalism damages the vehicle.
Our advice is to review your policy and verify if you have enough coverage so that, in the event of an accident, you can repair your car, without putting your financial stability at risk. Auto insurance: A plane falls on a vehicle in Miami.
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