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Basic tips for transporting refrigerated goods

Basic tips for transporting refrigerated goods. Being a carrier is one thing and transporting temperature-controlled goods is another. Truck drivers of refrigerated vehicles face a huge challenge every day: transporting a load whose temperature cannot vary much.
32% of road cargo is refrigerated. Vehicles specialized in this type of merchandise transport the same medicines, cosmetics, perishable foods, or chemical products.
There are several tips for young carriers to keep in mind when taking on this costly responsibility.
The first thing, before going to load, they must clean and disinfect the truck to avoid contamination of the load with bacteria, chemical substances, or bad odors.
It is key to eliminate the residual heat that your truck may have before receiving refrigerated merchandise. The thermostat must be used to bring the truck to the right temperature for loading.
When receiving the merchandise, the truck driver must make sure that it has kept the cold chain. The merchandise must enter the truck with the temperature indicated on its transport label. It is a mistake to think that the merchandise will cool down during the transfer. If the load is not at the right temperature, reject it or notify the responsible person.
Remember that you are responsible for the merchandise once accepted, therefore, you must demand that it be in the appropriate packaging.
The placement of the load inside the truck is essential. The boxes or pallets must not obstruct the free flow of air inside the trailer. Maintaining the cold chain during transportation is their mission. The trucker must keep an eye on the thermostat.
Regardless of cargo handling, the carrier is responsible for maintaining his truck, seeing if the trailer doors close tightly, and keeping a close eye on the operation of the refrigeration unit. The worst thing that can happen to a trucker transporting temperature controlled products is a breakage. Although the insurance can compensate for the millionaire losses, no one can save your reputation as a carrier. Basic tips for transporting refrigerated goods.

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