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Be insured, for to err is human

Be insured, for to err is human. The greatest truth that exists is that we all make mistakes, especially those who are involved in the world of business and services.
It’s common to hear in motivational talks about entrepreneurship, “the times they made mistakes”, “the repeated failures until they managed to move forward with the idea”.
Many entrepreneurs embrace the motto “we learn from mistakes, not from success”. The thing is, few explain how to protect yourself financially from those mistakes.
My first financial advisor, when I created my first company, asked me, “Do you know the difference between starting a business and not starting one?” When you have a business, mistakes cost a lot of money.
It’s true, insurers know that a tax preparer can make a mistake in calculating a client’s taxes, an error that could cost the client a penalty and make them very upset, leading to a lawsuit against the preparer.
Insurers know that a real estate agent might overlook a detail in the sales process that prevents the deal from closing, and the aggrieved client could sue the agent.
Insurers know that a designer, a contractor, a consultant, a masseuse, a photographer can all be sued for making mistakes.
Insurers know that to err is human, and that’s why they created a policy that covers entrepreneurs from lawsuits due to what, in the eyes of their clients, is negligence, inaccurate advice, or misrepresentation.
This policy, known as errors and omissions liability insurance, covers lawsuits, legal costs, attorney fees, and settlements up to the limit included in the contract.
If you have a business, don’t make the mistake of lacking this important protection. Call Univista Insurance, and you’ll have the cheapest and most comprehensive commercial insurance to protect your business. Be insured, for to err is human.

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