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Before remodeling your house, read this

Before remodeling your house, read this. Homeowner’s insurance in Florida is an essential coverage for homeowners seeking to protect their investment against potential damages or losses. This insurance policy covers a wide range of risks that can affect the property, from fires and thefts to damages caused by weather phenomena such as hurricanes and tornadoes.
Among the most common coverages offered by homeowner’s insurance are structure coverage, which protects the house structure and any other building attached to the property, such as a garage or a tool shed. The other is contents coverage, which covers the homeowner’s personal belongings, such as furniture, clothing, or appliances, in case they are damaged or stolen. And finally, liability coverage that provides protection to the homeowner in case someone sues them after being injured on the property.
Some insurance policies may also cover accommodation expenses if the homeowner has to temporarily leave their home due to a covered loss.
However, it is important for homeowners to know that making renovations without permission from the city can have serious consequences. Most cities in Florida require homeowners to obtain a permit before making any major renovations to their homes, such as adding a room, building a pool, fixing the roof, or changing the windows. If a homeowner fails to obtain the necessary permit and makes the renovation anyway, they may face fines and the city may order the work to be undone.
Furthermore, if someone makes a renovation to their home without permission and it causes damage or loss to the property or to third parties -neighbors or visitors-, their homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover the damages. For example, if a relative installs a bathroom in a room without the proper permit and one of the pipes installed floods the property, it is likely that the insurance will not cover the losses, even if it is a covered risk in the policy.
In most homeowner’s insurance policies, damages caused by unauthorized renovations or improvements are excluded from coverage. We advise you to inquire if you need to request authorization from the city before making a renovation, and make sure the contractor has the necessary licenses, which you can find out on the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) website.
Finally, if you are looking for affordable homeowner’s insurance, call Univista Insurance. Before remodeling your house, read this.

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