Univista TV launches its new website | UNIVISTA INSURANCE

Univista TV launches its new website


Today we officially launch UnivistaTV.com

To further serve and help our people with celebrity news, entertainment, and valuable advice.



Univista continues to grow, and as it does so, each time he wants to give more to the community for which he is very grateful.

After the launch of your YouTube channel, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new Univistatv.com website to bring all our followers’ entertainment, news, and valuable advice that will offer you a better quality of life through laughter and knowledge.



Through the incredible value of Carlucho and the entire team of artists and professionals that make up Univista TV, we intend to be an active part of all those families who enjoy the quality of our content.





Now through the web, you can enjoy the best moments of our broadcast hours: jokes, news, and even the option of being able to find the best insurance coverage and meet those advertisers in your community who started a dream one day we did it.