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Car Wash, a good business?

The ritual of getting the car washed marks the beginning of the weekend for many people. In Florida alone, there are about 7 million vehicles, so having a Car Wash business is seen as an incredible opportunity. “It’s the equivalent of collecting bills with vacuum cleaners and buckets.” A rather exaggerated image, but useful to represent the convenience of this business.
Really, the car wash business will depend on the investment, the location, the population density of the neighborhood, and the marketing. The type of car wash also influences – automatic, full-service, or self-service.
Do not be fooled, like almost all businesses, a Car Wash requires discipline, organization, and hard work and carries many risks. Yes, a customer can slip when getting out of the car, when washing the car the water pressure can lift the paint, or break the mirrors. Cleaning products can damage a customer’s upholstery. An operator can accidentally crash a car. Or any client alleging that their car suffered certain damage.
These risks bring associated legal lawsuits, payment of medical bills, or compensation for civil liability. That is why the fundamental step before starting the Car Wash business is to call a commercial insurance advisor from Univista Insurance who, after analyzing the characteristics of your business, will recommend the best insurance policy to protect your business.

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