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Childhood cavities are a thing of the past

Children’s dental insurance should be mandatory, as is driving insurance. The implication of oral health in people’s well-being is well known. However, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, more than 20% of children have tooth decay on their permanent teeth and about 40% have tooth decay on baby teeth. Perfectly preventable conditions that can be solved with the appropriate treatments, many included in dental insurance.

We could affirm that childhood caries are a thing of the past, since nowadays there are multiple resources and treatments provided by dentists to prevent the proliferation of these in children. For example, the sealing of grooves and fissures, a painless procedure, created to fill the fissures in the areas of the teeth susceptible to caries. A resin is placed that acts as a protective barrier and prevents caries from arising due to the accumulation of food debris. In order to receive such treatment, the child must go to the dentist early, taking advantage of the healthy teeth.

And if this were not enough, there are fluoride treatments, an effective weapon to maintain the oral health of infants. Children are generally lovers of sweets. Bacteria in the mouth combine with sugar and create an acidic environment that can damage the enamel of the child’s teeth and end up damaging them. Fluorine helps control these bacteria.

Dental plans often also offer exams and x-rays necessary for the early detection of any dental problem.

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