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Five steps to keeping your business safe

An accident can be the end of your business adventure, avoiding them is as important as choosing your business personnel well.

More than 5,250 people died from workplace injuries in 2018, according to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 40% of all fatal accidents, about 2,080, were related to transportation, 11% with falls and slips, and 13% were employees injured by machinery or objects dropped on them.

Although an accident is by definition unexpected, there are ways to avoid it and increase business safety.

  • Keep work areas clean and organized

Cleanliness and organization is a basic element to prevent accidents. When a workplace is organized, the chances of injury decrease, and the work rate increases.

In a workshop where oil is accidentally poured on the floor and not collected in time, the possibility of an accident is created. The same in an office if a little coffee falls on the floor.

There are work tables so cluttered that there is always the potential to throw a glass of water on computer cables.

  • Post warning signs

The employer must post signs in conspicuous places that remind of proper safety procedures.

  • Maintain commercial vehicles

As we saw, 40% of fatal injuries are related to transportation. Well, every year the invoices related to commercial vehicles involved in accidents due to lack of maintenance exceed $ 2 billion.

Be strict in the inspection and maintenance of your commercial carts.

  • Train your staff

Employers must train staff on safety procedures in the corresponding jobs. They must train them in the proper use of protective equipment and machinery.

  • Protection equipment

It is the employer’s job to equip his employees with the appropriate safety equipment to carry out tasks that involve some danger. Gloves, goggles, harnesses, and helmets are included here.

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