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Classic Car Insurance: Safeguarding your passion

Classic Car Insurance: Safeguarding your passion. Classic cars are more than mere means of transportation; they are rolling pieces of history. In Florida, as in many other places, classic car enthusiasts cherish and carefully maintain these automotive treasures.
In Florida, a vehicle is considered a classic car if it’s at least 25 years old and has been restored or preserved in its original condition. These vehicles hold significant sentimental and financial value, so choosing the right type of insurance to protect them is crucial.
There are several types of classic car insurance in Florida:

  • Agreed Value Insurance: This type of policy ensures that, in case of a total loss or theft, you will be paid the agreed-upon amount, usually based on the vehicle’s appraisal.
  • Limited-Use Insurance: These policies are designed for vehicles used infrequently, such as for exhibitions or events. They are more cost-effective than standard policies.
  • Restoration Insurance: It protects your vehicle during restoration, covering any accidental damage in the workshop.

To properly care for your classic vehicle in Florida, storing it in a secure location and maintaining it in optimal condition is essential. This includes regular upkeep and protecting it from the elements, salt, and the sun.
If you decide to own a classic car, call Univista Insurance, and they will recommend the best insurance to protect your investment. With the right policies and proper care, you can ensure that your classic car remains a treasure for many years. Classic Car Insurance: Safeguarding your passion.

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