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How to start my car with the help of a cable?

How to start my car with the help of a cable? How many times have we been in a parking lot and someone has approached us for help because the battery in their car has lost its charge. Don’t think this happens to careless drivers. Batteries discharge for multiple reasons. For example, if we leave a light on or a badly closed door, or if the car has not been used for a long time. We could say that all drivers will go through this trance at times.
Therefore, we must be cautious. If we drive a gasoline car, it is necessary to put a cable with clamps in the trunk to charge the battery, if it stays dead. By taking this preventive measure, we will have solved the first part of a future problem. The second would be to find a good Samaritan who will reach out to us and give us access to his car battery.
How to start a car with the help of a cable?
Once the two cars are very close, the auxiliary car must be turned off. Afterward, the red clamps must be placed on the positive terminal of the empty battery. It is marked with a plus sign and is also red. The other end of the same cable is then placed on the positive terminal of the good battery. The next step is to place the black cable clamp on the negative terminal of the battery with charge and the other clamp of the black cable is placed on some structure of the chassis of the car without charge that has no paint.
Once all four clamps are in place, the running car starts. It speeds up, for a minute, to transfer the charge to the dead battery. After this time, the aided car starts. This is left connected to the battery of the other car for a minute and then the clamps are removed. Removal is done in reverse order of connection. First, the clamps are removed from the frame of the aided car, then it is disconnected from the negative terminal of the good car. After this step, the red clamp is removed from the battery of the car that was working and finally, from the aided car.
It is important that the assisted car rolls for about 20 minutes so that the battery is fully recharged before parking it.
If the next day, when trying to start the car, the same thing happens or it shows signs that it does not have enough charge, you should go to a mechanic. It may be that your battery has reached the end of its days or you need some service. Also, your car could have an electrical problem. How to start my car with the help of a cable?
If the car runs out of battery in a place where it cannot get help from anyone. Contact your insurance and they will give you the pertinent instructions.

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