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How to prevent possible poisonings at home?

Many endorse the phrase “my house, my fortress” to show that it is the safest place to be. However, in 2019, thousands of people died from accidents that occurred inside the home. The most common causes of death in homes are poisonings, falls, and choking.

That is why we are going to advise you on how to prevent possible poisonings.

According to a study, in 2017, 64,795 people died of poisoning inside their homes in the US. This type of accident is the leading cause of domestic death.

Children between 18 months and three years old bear the brunt of these statistics. Therefore, the first great recommendation is to keep all cleaning products, detergents, disinfectants, glass cleaners and degreasers out of reach of the little ones. Many come in containers with colors that are very attractive to children.

We know that recycling is very fashionable. We all want to save the planet. But it is not advisable to reuse food product containers to store cleaning products. Many of the domestic accidents are due to confusion about the contents of the containers.

If, for any reason, someone must fill an ordinary container with a potentially dangerous product, they should immediately mark it. It is imperative to put a large label on it indicating the new content and the damage it can cause.

The news recently broke about the death of a 75-year-old woman, after inhaling the gases that emanated from the mixture of bleach and ammonia. The poor lady was cleaning the bathroom in her house and fell dead.

Mixing different cleaning products can be extremely dangerous. Especially bleach and ammonia. This mixture creates a toxic gas called chloramine that when breathed in causes death.

It is important to note that standard home insurance includes a liability policy. However, it does not cover domestic accidents suffered by those who live on the property. Said policy generally pays for the medical expenses of those visitors who get into an accident at the insured’s home and the costs of legal claims.

Perhaps for this reason, those who have home insurance instead of using the phrase “my house, my strength”, it would be more appropriate to tell their guests that “this is your house” welcome.

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