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Consequences of dentophobia or fear of the dentist

Consequences of dentophobia or fear of the dentist. If you are one of those people who is afraid of going to the dentist, do not be ashamed because you are not alone. Some studies indicate that almost 15% of the population suffers from this fear that, in its strongest version, is known as dentophobia.
As its name suggests, it is a phobia. That is, an exaggerated aversion to something. From a psychological point of view, it is an uncontrollable or distressing fear of certain things, in this case the dentist.
Sometimes this uncontrollable fear is due to the belief that some dental procedures are painful, such as root canals or extractions. That fear could arise from those old movie images where the dentist was also the town’s barber and blacksmith. Something that today is super controlled.
The dentist is a doctor specialized in oral health who has all the knowledge, tools and materials to perform the necessary treatments without causing pain. In addition, there are different types of anesthesia and sedation that prevent discomfort in the mouth during treatments.
Some past experience could also be the trigger for the phobia. However, despite this bad experience, the dentist is essential for your health and you must do everything possible to overcome that fear and treat yourself. The most certain thing is that in the new visit the treatment will be better and completely painless.
The sound made by drills and the devices used in dental offices can activate that feeling of fear. For this, some doctors recommend their patients to use headphones with music to relax.
Another cause behind dentophobia is the fear of needles and injections, especially in the gums. However, the needles are necessary to administer the anesthesia that will allow the treatment to be painless. Currently, dentists smear an anesthetic cream on the gum before giving the injection. There is no pain.
Those people who suffer from extreme dentophobia can go to consultations with mental health professionals so that they can teach them some relaxation techniques to control their fear.
The worst thing that can happen to someone with dentophobia is that due to their fears they do not go to the dentist regularly, abandon their oral health and, as a consequence, contract gum diseases that can affect the heart and even cause pneumonia.
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