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Covid Home Safe Option

With the arrival of COVID-19, we have become more domestic beings. We spend more time indoors, sharing with members of our own family. In many homes, we have seen the emergence of new swimming pools, playgrounds, running mats, and trampolines, where parents and children, swim, jump, and run without having to go outside.
COVID: Jumping, playing, and swimming at home is a safe option.
These games can be really fun and even necessary in a period like the present, but we must not forget that they involve some danger.
If you intend to install a pool or a trampoline or a playground in your home, it is recommended that you speak with your insurance agent to see what implications it may have on your policy. Perhaps you are unaware that your current policy does not cover a home that has a trampoline or needs an attachment to your insurance.
It may be the case that the insurance requires the installation of a fence around the pool or that protects the trampoline with a safety net so that no one can access it without proper authorization.
Also, if the installation you have done uses electricity, the insurance may consider inspecting it before giving the ok.
It is a great idea that you want to create an area where you can share with your children and friends safely. But don’t forget to call your insurance agent to find out what implications it will have on your home insurance policy.

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