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How many types of electric cars are there?

How many types of electric cars are there? When we wait for the green light at a traffic light, we usually discreetly look at the make of the car that we have next to us. Some are very easy to identify, but sometimes, we have to bend down to look for the logo that usually appears drawn in the center of our neighbor’s wheel. Ah, it’s a Tesla! We usually comment internally, as if it were a higher being.
In general, we are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and we dream of having “one of those electric cars”, with which, in addition to not polluting, we save a few thousand dollars in fuel, a year. Wow, who had one of those!
But not all-electric cars are the same. And I do not mean its price, but its features.
There are Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs). The HEVs, although they are included in the category of electric cars, actually run on a traditional internal combustion engine and an electric motor, powered by a battery. The first engine is used to start, accelerate drastically and charge the battery. Everything else, they do with the electric motor.
Hybrid Connection Vehicles (PHEV) is a version very similar to the previous one, only that its battery can also be charged by connecting it to an external charger.
Finally, there are the all-electric vehicles (or EVs, for its acronym in English). As their name suggests, they work with a large electric battery that must be charged with an external charger, or charging station.
Don’t think that only the manufacturer Tesla produces these types of cars. In the market, you can find electric models in more than 20 brands, such as Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Ford, or Nissan, at truly incredible prices. On top of that, most states encourage your buying by offering great federal tax credits or cuts.
Something not to be overlooked if you buy one of these cars is that only at Univista Insurance will you find the best price for your auto insurance. Oh sorry, for your EV insurance. How many types of electric cars are there?

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