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Whose Responsibility?

Who does not like living in a large house with a large patio, swimming pool, and fruit trees under which to sit and read, listen to music, or just take a good nap?

Without wanting to ruin that beautiful image, around the trees there have always been great controversy. Who is responsible if one of my trees falls on my neighbor’s house?

Well, the correct thing is for the neighbor affected by the accident to claim their homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies often take care of the damage caused by falling trees. Especially if this fall is the result of an act of nature. This is what it is called when the cause is a natural act, a hurricane, or a strong storm.

However, if the fall occurs when the tree was to be felled, then the person responsible is who was manipulating the plant.

Another controversial case is when the fall is caused by a disease of the tree, or it was seen that it was unstable and, suddenly, it falls. So most likely the liability falls on the tree owner’s insurance.

Whatever the cause, it is best to have homeowners insurance. In these documents, the coverage and civil liability of the insured are very well specified.

Don’t let a tree ruin your relationship with your neighbor. Purchase homeowners insurance at Univista Insurance and spread the word to your neighbor.

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