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Delivery: a booming business opportunity

Delivery: a booming business opportunity. It is increasingly common in gatherings of friends and family, to call a restaurant and request food. It is also fashionable to buy clothes, appliances, utensils, or tools online and wait for them to bring them to the door of the house.
In 2023, the packaging and take-away food industry will bill over 157 billion dollars in the US. Since 2018, it has registered a 6.5% annual growth. It is a booming industry and nothing seems likely to stop this trend.
For this reason, there are many small businesses that incorporate the delivery service to enhance the reach of their customers and expand their market. But stores or restaurants and those who put their personal vehicles in the delivery function should know that they may need certain types of commercial insurance.
Although some companies provide commercial insurance coverage for drivers who carry their products, they are not fully protected. For example, if the driver is in an accident while on his way to pick up an order, he is not covered by the business’s policy. Worse still, your private insurance company may interpret that you were in a business role and deny you coverage.
On the other hand, business owners could be liable if one of their drivers causes an accident and the driver lacks proper business insurance.
It is advisable, both for the motorist and the business owner, to contact an insurance agent from Univista Insurance, which specialized in commercial insurance so that they can find the appropriate coverage for you.
On the other hand, when a motorist who makes delivery has commercial insurance, in addition to being more protected against the many risks of the road, it is more attractive to those companies in the market that only work with drivers with commercial insurance. Delivery: a booming business opportunity.

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