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Commercial insurance to work with my drone?

Do I have to have commercial insurance to work with my drone? Many people earn their living by flying drones, filming images at weddings, public events, in film productions, taking photos for real estate, creating plans for urban land, or spraying insecticides in farm fields.
Every day, the commercial use of the drone is more present in our environment and, although the law does not require insurance to operate these devices, if you offer a service as an operator, perhaps your clients could be interested in hiring pilots who have with liability insurance. “In the event that the drone injures someone or damages someone else’s property during work, let the insurance company bear the consequences.”
One of the hottest topics associated with the use of drones is privacy. For this reason, commercial drones should have coverage against claims of privacy violations. This does not mean that insurers will protect you against any illegal or intentional act that violates someone’s privacy, but they will protect you against claims for accidental or fortuitous events.
A commercial drone loaded with sensors and powerful cameras isn’t cheap at all. Any drone owner should be interested in having commercial property insurance that covers damage to their device in the event of an accident.
Another important coverage for a drone company is the cybersecurity policy. It is no secret that hackers are able to control a drone while it is flying and hijack it, or simply hack into its system to extract all the information it has collected. Do I have to have commercial insurance to work with my drone?
In short, if your business is drones, know that there are policies tailored to the potential risks that may arise when flying these devices for a living.

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