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Life insurance if I am single and without children?

Life insurance has the objective of guaranteeing financial stability to loved ones when the insured is absent. More accurate, when I die. So what is the point of purchasing a life policy for a young man full of life, childless, and single?
Well, practicality. If this young man has parents and loves them, he may think that if by some remote chance, something happened to him, he could leave his parents as beneficiaries of his insurance.
Another reason not so different is, if this young man has received a loan and his parents have guaranteed him, if he dies, in addition to the funeral, his parents will have to carry the loan debt of his son.
But the guarantor of the loan could be a sister or a friend. So it makes sense to have life insurance to protect the people who have reached out to you.
Life is very long, and that young man will not always be single and childless. If he is a forward-thinking person, he will understand that life insurance for someone young and healthy is much cheaper than when it is purchased at a more mature age. Starting early with life insurance is the best guarantee of paying cheaper premiums the rest of the time.
On the other hand, many of the life insurance policies include coverage for disability or critical illnesses that allow the insured capital to be advanced to cover the expenses generated by disability or illness. That is, if this young man falls on a motorcycle and is disabled, his life insurance will protect him financially.
Anyway, getting life insurance, being young and single doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. I’d say it’s a great idea.
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