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Do I need vision insurance?

Do I need vision insurance? 66% of Americans age 18 and older wear glasses, contact lenses, or both, according to the National Eye Institute. Depending on how often you need to have your eyes checked, having vision insurance may be a smart choice.
By purchasing such insurance, the premium of which typically costs less than $ 20 a month, you will have access to eye exams, eyeglass frames, and contact lenses at a great discount.
Remember that if you have health insurance that works under Obamacare, your children, up to the age of 19, are covered for vision benefits. And depending on the health insurance plan you have purchased, you may also be partially covered. Something that generally does not happen with health insurance plans outside of Obamacare.
Doctors recommend having an annual eye exam. These preventive check-ups allow us to detect if there is any problem, not only in the eyes but in health in general.
By doing an eye exam an eye doctor can detect some early warning signs of different disorders, such as diabetes and hypertension before they manifest in a routine general medical check-up.
If you lack vision insurance and need constant vision care, call Univista Insurance and explore the most affordable options available to keep your eyes healthy.
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