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Do you know what the papers on the car are?

Do you know what the papers on the car are? Sooner or later blue and red lights will come on in your rearview mirror telling you to pull over to the edge of the road and bring your car to a safe stop. Then, wait inside for the officer to approach and ask for your documentation. Do you know what documents you must have when driving in Florida?
Don’t worry, now we explain. The law says that you must carry your vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and driver’s license when driving.

  • Record
    The vehicle registration is the document that all owners receive when they buy the car. Without it, they are not authorized to circulate in Florida. Every year, around the date of the car owner’s birthday, the registration must be renewed. The new registration is accompanied by a yellow sticker that must be placed on the license plate or license plate of the car.
  • Insurance Prove
    When you purchase auto insurance, the insurance company sends you an identification card that proves to the authorities that you have insurance. Both the registration and the insurance identification card should be kept in the glove compartment of the car. If you haven’t already, find them in your documents and bring them to the car.
  • License
    You must carry your driver’s license along with your credit cards. Because in addition to using it to identify yourself to the authorities, it can be used when carrying out other daily tasks.

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