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Documents that a carrier must carry in the truck

Documents that a carrier must carry in the truck. When hitting the road, truck operators must have several documents with them to present if they are inspected by State Troopers patrol or Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) authorities or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) personnel.
Before leaving on a trip, an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer operator should make sure they have the following list of documents with them to avoid being fined:

  • State Driver’s License or Commercial Driver’s License (CLC)
  • FMCSA Letter of Authority
  • Title and Registration. If you don’t have title, which is very common with a financed truck, a motor vehicle power of attorney may help.
  • Insurance Card – Proof of insurance must show effective and expiration dates of coverage.
  • Medical card
  • Unified Registry of Carriers [UCR]
  • IFTA base license and decals
  • Apportion Cab Card (more than 26k GVW)
  • Intrastate authority (if applicable)
  • Daily log, Daily Log
  • IRS 2290 Heavy Highway Use Tax (Over 55k GVW)
  • Security certificates
  • Bill of Landing
  • Leasing contract
  • EPA emissions certificate
  • Hazardous Materials Documents

It is best to create a folder where the originals of the mentioned documents are included. From time to time, you should review and update it to avoid hitting the road with expired documents. It is recommended that you keep a copy of each one at home, in case your truck is lost or stolen.
You may need to carry another document depending on your vehicle or the load you carry. If you have questions or want to purchase the cheapest commercial truck insurance in all of Florida, contact Univista Insurance. Documents that a carrier must carry in the truck.

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