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Does my insurance cover car glass breakage?

Does my insurance cover car glass breakage? The car windshield can break due to various reasons. It’s common for a car to run over a stone that gets propelled into the vehicle behind it, causing damage to the windshield. Or the windshield wipers might break due to debris falling from a truck, or a thief might break the glass to steal valuables left inside the car.
Drivers who experience such breakages often wonder if their insurance covers windshield replacement. The answer? It depends on the coverage they have.
If they have comprehensive coverage, the answer is yes. This insurance covers vandalism, glass breakage, flood damage, collisions with animals, hail damage, and even if the car catches fire—essentially, any damage the car incurs that isn’t due to a crash while driving.
The other good news is that this coverage is affordable, typically around $11 monthly. Furthermore, regarding windshield repairs, Florida law states that insurers cannot charge policyholders a deductible. If you have comprehensive coverage and your windshield is damaged, your insurer must replace the glass at no cost.
Now, you only have the minimum required insurance in Florida. In that case, Property Damage Liability (PDL) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP), and if your windshield gets damaged, you’ll need to cover the replacement cost out of your pocket.
If, after learning this information, you’re interested in adding comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance, reach out to your Univista Insurance agent. They’ll help you get the coverage and walk you through all the details. Does my insurance cover car glass breakage?

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