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Homeowner’s insurance covers my solar panel?

Does my new solar panel cover my homeowner’s insurance? Clean energy is increasingly present in our lives. It is common to see in our geography large wind farms or solar panels “seeded” in the fields or even floating in the multiple lakes of Florida. Homes are not left out of this energy revolution, so our mailboxes are crammed with advertisements that read: “install a solar roof and save energy.”
Submerged in this green tide, some local governments have created financial assistance programs for homeowners interested in placing one of these novel structures on their homes.
In reality, a solar roof can cost about $ 20,000 and some homeowners wonder what happens if, after making such a large investment, a hurricane, lightning or hailstorm destroys it? A concern that should not be discounted. Our advice is that, before installing it, check with your insurance company and make sure if your current policy covers it. Most likely, you will have to make some changes to your contract, even if it does not affect the price of the premium. Does my new solar panel cover my homeowner’s insurance?
Installing a solar roof, in addition to being modern, can be a good investment since it reduces your current electricity bill, increases the value of your property, and contributes to the improvement of the environment. Of course, if you don’t have the proper protection, all of the above could turn into borage water.

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