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Is your business safe from the danger of flames?

One in four businesses that experience a fire will not reopen. However, the remaining three will be able to do it almost immediately, especially if they have commercial insurance to help them bear the losses and rebuild works.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, US firefighters intervene in 3,300 commercial premises fires. These claims cause about $ 112 million in annual losses. Which adds up to an average of $ 33,000 per business affected.

This number is apart from the 37,000 fires that occur annually in American factories and manufacturing locations, where, according to the same source, there are $ 1 billion in losses a year. An average of 18 people are killed by fires and nearly 300 are injured.

Statistics also reveal hopeful data. Industries will suffer, at most, a fire throughout their lives.

If someone has a company, the responsible thing is to have the commercial insurance package that usually includes the fire policy. In this way, if your business premises is one of the 3,300 that catch fire every year, you will be protected from flames, in addition to theft and civil liability.

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