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Five measures to prevent theft on your property

Five measures to prevent theft on your property. In Florida, there are almost 22,000 burglaries in single-family homes and apartments, according to Crime Clock. In just 2021, this type of crime rose by 25%. These figures should be the best persuasion for any homeowner to take measures aimed at preventing burglaries and protecting their belongings.
Considering that burglars prefer less protected homes, it is smart to place a sign indicating that the property has anti-theft security measures.
Homeowners should consider installing surveillance cameras, sensors on windows and entrances, and motion sensors that activate when an intruder accesses the property. Insurance companies offer discounts when such measures are installed.
All access doors to the property should have proper and reinforced locks.
Lights are another deterrent against burglaries. They should be placed in different areas outside the home to avoid dark zones.
If you have an outdoor room where you keep tools, try to secure all its accesses. Install sensors and security cameras. Keep in mind that burglars love tools.
Try to avoid showing your belongings from the outside of your house. Place curtains on windows.
Even if you take all these measures, try to hide important documents, passports, property titles, bank accounts, immigration documents in a discreet place in your home. If you keep them in a safe, it’s much better.
Finally, make sure that your homeowner’s insurance includes theft coverage and keep an updated inventory of your personal belongings so that in case of theft, you know what you can claim.
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