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Five tips if you travel by car on Thanksgiving

Five tips if you travel by car on Thanksgiving. According to tradition, on Thanksgiving day we usually gather as a family around a table to thank for all the positive things we have experienced during the year. Beyond eating the turkey, we have a lot to be thankful for, especially in such a difficult period, for having survived the pandemic, for keeping or finding employment, for receiving the necessary public aid, for having a child, buying a house, finding to the loved one or to do well in studies. It is so meaningful to show our appreciation that nearly 50 million Americans take to the highways to meet their own and, in communion, give thanks.
It is not a secret that during these festivities the number of accidents on the roads increases. Therefore, we want to share several tips that will help you avoid that your trip does not end in tragedy.
The first thing to do is plan your trip so that you avoid traveling during peak hours, which are closest to the afternoon of November 25.
Second, check the car. If the manufacturer’s required maintenance is forthcoming, do so before you hit the road. Check all levels of your car’s fluids, oil, windshield wipers, and brakes. Check the condition of the tires and inflate them correctly.
Once on the road, take the necessary breaks. Do not fight against sleep, remember that only three seconds of distraction are enough to suffer a fatal accident.
Be patient, there will be more traffic on the way than usual. Avoid reckless driving, and do not overtake impossible to advance a few meters.
Finally, when you arrive at your destination, if you do not stay overnight at the house where they celebrate Thanksgiving dinner, designate an emergency driver so that this person does not taste alcoholic beverages during the party. Statistics also indicate that accidents under the influence of alcohol consumption increase after dinner. Five tips if you travel by car on Thanksgiving.
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