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Flying vehicles, a reality

Flying vehicles, a reality. After two years of cancellations due to the COVID pandemic, the “Detroit Auto Show”, the most important automobile fair in the world, opens its doors. From September 14 to September 25, the main international manufacturers show their new models and some prototypes that indicate the trend in the motor world.
In this edition in the halls of the international fair, where luxury cars once were, electric machines are exhibited that do not roll on the roads but fly through the skies.
There are the eVTOL drones, which take off and land vertically -eVTOL and AIR- with two or four seats, whose use could be as an air taxi, ambulances, or private transport. According to some comparative calculations, traveling in these drones is cheaper than doing it in an electric vehicle. This is not talking about a distant future expect eVTOLs to be flying as early as 2024.
Without a doubt, flying vehicles open a new market niche for the insurance industry. Very soon we will begin to see some advertising in our mailboxes that indicates “we insure your eVTOL at all risks”.
Who as a child did not dream of flying vehicles? Well, that fantastic world of childhood dreams is already here.
However, without wanting to erase that beautiful image from the minds of those who still have vehicles that run and consume gasoline, I must urge them to put their feet on the ground and not overlook the fact that at Univista Insurance you can find the cheapest car insurance in Florida. Flying vehicles, a reality.

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