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Four systems to protect your home against hurricanes

Four systems to protect your home against hurricanes. Protecting your home is one of the permanent challenges for homeowners. If the property is in Florida, the approaching hurricane season is the time to create the conditions to protect yourself from the forces of the winds. Around this time, many homeowners decide to install hurricane protection.
There are several types of shutters, here we will talk about the most popular in Florida.
1. Storm panels:
They are steel, aluminum, and the most modern polycarbonate shutters that adhere to the exterior walls to protect the windows and doors of the property. They are fixed with rails or screws. Mounting the guard usually requires the help of another person.
2. Accordion panels:
These are permanently installed on every window or door on the property. When there is a storm, it is only necessary to expand the structure, in the shape of an accordion, over the window to be protected. It is a simple operation, it can be done by one person alone. This structure is also used as protection against theft in times of long absences from home.
3. Anti-hurricane electric roller blinds:
They are a great option from an aesthetic and practical point of view. They are made of aluminum and once installed, the owner only has to operate a switch to raise or lower them.
4. Bahamas blinds:
This wooden structure, which is also known as a Bermuda shutter, mounts over the property’s windows. When not in use, they provide shade and privacy. When the storm arrives, you just have to lower them to provide protection. The problem they have is that they only serve for windows and after their installation, the interior of the house darkens.
The greatest danger during storms is that endless objects can be thrown at houses. For this reason, insurance companies reward homeowners who install protections in their homes with cheaper premiums. Four systems to protect your home against hurricanes.
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