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Four tips from dentists for the summer

Four tips from dentists for the summer. Our children are on summer vacation, and it’s common for them to somewhat neglect their oral health during this time. Not only children, but adults also tend to consume more food and alcohol than usual. Some dentists state that after the summer, visits to the dentist for gum inflammation, cavities, hypersensitivity, and tartar buildup become quite common. With the absence of the school routine, some children wake up late and go straight to playing or eating, often forgetting to maintain their hygiene habits.
Dentists recommend the following during summer vacation:

  1. Don’t neglect your habits; brush your teeth after every meal. If you’re planning to travel, take a travel dental kit with you. Keep in mind that during vacations, children tend to consume more sweets, ice cream, and cold beverages.
  2. If you’ll be spending time at a swimming pool during the summer, chlorine can contribute to tartar formation. Be diligent in cleaning your teeth.
  3. Increased alcohol consumption during summer can cause or worsen bad breath. Doctors recommend drinking plenty of water to maintain saliva flow and hydration, which prevents the onset of bad breath.
  4. Don’t forget that nighttime brushing, before going to bed, is the most important.

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