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Four tips to be more productive while teleworking

Four tips to be more productive while teleworking. A year has passed since the State of Emergency was declared due to the pandemic in Florida. Since then, many of us have not set foot in the office again, and apparently, we won’t be doing it again for a long time. The causes? Well, we are cheaper working from home and, why not, more productive.
However, it is not always easy to combine home and work, much less if we also have children who study at a distance. Here we share some tips to achieve greater productivity when working from home.
Prepare the work environment
Productivity is linked to the organization and planning of our work. Those people who “manage well in disorder”, or those who “know where they have everything in chaos”, do not imagine how productive they would be if they kept their things in order. The first step to increasing productivity is to organize the work table, eliminate papers and find a large blackboard or agenda where to put the important thing. In short, cleanliness and organization.
The best thing about teleworking is that we save on travel time. The half-hour one way plus the half-hour back to and from the office robs us of more than an hour a day. But we could lose that time if we do not establish a good work schedule, according to the activity we carry out. It is key to have a start time and another to end. The fact of working at home does not mean that work lasts forever, otherwise motivation and efficiency will decline.
The greatest ally of teleworking is the internet. The worst enemy of teleworking is the internet. Everything you need appears on that screen, at the click of a button. The reality is that, if we do not limit the search time, we could be browsing forever. It is important to use alarms that keep us alert to the time we spend on certain topics. “Uff, I’ve been on this for two hours”; “I have to prepare for the 3:00 pm meeting”, “lunchtime”, “end of the working day”.
Connection with the company
The objective of teleworking is to fulfill a working content from home. But it is essential to maintain contact with the company and colleagues from the “office”. Doubts, guidelines, daily procedures are solved through platforms such as Zoom, WhatsApp, or message groups. A response on time or late can mean the signing of a contract or the loss of a great customer.
Finally, in the new reality, we do not meet with customers or suppliers unless it is strictly necessary for the type of work we do, yet they still expect us to be at their disposal. Four tips to be more productive while teleworking.
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