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Free health insurance, a reality in the US

Free health insurance, a reality in the US. It is no secret to anyone that the American Rescue Plan Act, ARP, signed last March, has made health insurance that works under Obamacare more affordable.
The ARP even makes it possible for people whose household income is above 400% of Florida’s poverty level to access subsidies from the federal government. On the other hand, it limited the payment of health plan premiums to a maximum of 8.5% of annual income.
With the new conditions, which took effect on April 1, people, whose income is between 100 and 150% of the Florida poverty level, may be eligible for coverage with monthly premiums of zero dollars. In other words, a married couple with two children, with annual incomes between $ 26,200 and $ 39,300, will be entitled to medical plans without paying a dollar of premium.
ARP has ensured that four out of five people who sign up for Obamacare are able to find plans for which they pay premiums of $ 10 or less. Even 50% of those enrolled can have a silver plan for $ 10 or less per month. Free health insurance, a reality in the US.
Due to the great benefits of the American Rescue Plan Act, if you signed up late last year, during the regular Obamacare enrollment period, you should call Univista Insurance and ask for a plan change. You may be overpaying without knowing it. Don’t waste time, you have until August 15 to request a plan change.

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