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Get your house ready, hurricanes are just around the corner

Get your house ready, hurricanes are just around the corner. The 2023 hurricane season is here, starting on June 1st and extending until November 30th. Although meteorologists do not expect it to be a very active season, Florida residents know they must take measures to protect their property before one of these fearsome storms advances through the Atlantic. Experience indicates that just one hurricane is enough to destroy everything in its path. It’s something we can’t avoid, but if we prepare, we may be able to mitigate its impact on our lives.
How can we prepare?

  1. Clean and inspect structures:
    Before the first storm arrives, make sure to thoroughly clean and inspect all structures of your house. Start by inspecting the roof for possible damage or leaks. Repair any damaged areas and ensure that all shingles are securely fastened.
    Additionally, check and reinforce doors and windows. If you lack impact-resistant windows, consider installing hurricane protection panels to prevent flying debris from breaking the glass. Don’t forget to secure air conditioning systems and other equipment installed outside the property.
  2. Clear the garden and trim trees:
    Loose objects in the garden can become dangerous projectiles during a hurricane. Before the first storm arrives, remove all objects that can be carried away by the wind, such as patio furniture, pots, or outdoor toys.
    Also, trim trees and shrubs near your house. Remove dead or weak branches that could come loose and cause damage. Consider hiring a professional if you have large or complicated trees to trim.
  3. Clean drains and gutters:
    Drains and gutters play a crucial role in protecting the property during a storm. Before the hurricane season, clean and clear all gutters of leaves, debris, and other obstructions. Ensure that the drains are functioning properly to prevent flooding and property damage.
  4. Emergency plan and insurance:
    In addition to physically preparing your property, it’s essential to have a family emergency plan. Discuss with your family what to do in case of evacuation, where to meet, and how to communicate during and after the storm. Prepare an emergency supply kit with non-perishable food, water, medications, and essential items.
    Also, make sure to have the appropriate homeowner’s insurance that covers damages caused by hurricanes.

You still have time to call Univista Insurance if you need affordable homeowner’s insurance that protects your biggest investment. Get your house ready, hurricanes are just around the corner.

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