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Glasses, reflections of the soul

Glasses, reflections of the soul. Finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses can feel like a quest. With so many shapes, brands, and face types to consider, eyeglass wearers want frames that help them see clearly and reflect their personality.
It’s often said that glasses are a window to the soul. Many young individuals looking to embrace their mystical side opt for Harry Potter-style round glasses. Modern ladies may lean towards trendy Cat Eye frames. Others seek to accentuate their natural features and prefer rimless glasses, while some choose bold, thick frames that make a statement.
However, eyeglasses don’t last forever and need to be replaced periodically. Our vision prescription may change, or the glasses may get damaged or lost. Sometimes, we grow tired of wearing the same frames every day.
In this context, eye doctors recommend getting an eye exam at least once a year, ideally every three years. However, struggling to see is often the most obvious sign that it’s time for a check-up. But even with a new prescription, the same dilemma arises: which glasses to choose?
It’s no secret that designer and trendy frames have a hefty price tag. That’s where vision insurance comes in handy. In addition to covering eye exams, vision insurance often offers significant discounts on eyeglasses.
If you’re looking for affordable vision insurance, call Univista Insurance. Glasses, reflections of the soul.

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