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“God Forbids”, my grandmother used to say

“God forbid”, my grandmother used to say, after addressing necessary conversation topics, but difficult. Rugged by that belief that we humans have that when we discuss a topic in some way we are in fl uencing the universe or sending a signal or wave into space that can return to us in the form of damage.

So my grandmother warned me, you have to always cross the street with the red light. And before doing so, look both ways and realize that no machine is coming. My grandmother called cars machines. “Call a rental machine” or “Look what a beautiful machine Nestor has.” Sure, she was born in 1906, almost when the first cars came out, and that’s what they were called then.

Well, my grandmother explained, “if you cross without looking at the street, a machine can come and run you over.” And then, he said “not even God wants it”, and crossed himself. I interpreted it as an act of love. My grandmother had let out a necessary phrase, but she didn’t want it to go where fate occurs.

Well, I’m going to imitate my grandmother. We have to be practical. There are some life insurances that cost $ 20 or $ 30 a month, which can be the safeguard of our family. They are capable of paying for our children’s studies, or the mortgage on our house, or suddenly giving $ 250,000 to our family so that they can do whatever they want with them.

All we have to do is contact an insurance company and choose the most appropriate policy. And, if something happens to us and we lose our lives, “not even if God wants it”, our family will be protected.

Call Univista Insurance and protect your family.

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