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Hail, a real nightmare for your car

Hail, a real nightmare for your car. Imagine that you park your car near a golf course. One of the balls falls off the track and crashes into its windshield. It would probably do quite a bit of damage. Now imagine thousands of golf balls hitting your cart from all directions, some larger, baseball-like, at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, and imagine this happening for 5 minutes straight. In this hypothetical scenario, your car would end up completely dented, with broken glass.

Likewise, it is a hail storm, millions of pieces of ice fall from the sky, they are usually the size of golf balls, sometimes much larger, and they break everything in their path.

According to the National Storm Damage Center, these short storms cost the United States $ 1 billion in damage each year, and Florida residents end up paying a large chunk of that amount.

We have just entered hurricane season. With it, the frequency of thunderstorms also increases. The perfect conditions are given for hail rain to fall.

This will be a difficult season, apparently, worse than usual, and if lightning and flooding were not enough, our cars will also have to protect themselves from hail.

The last hail storm in Miami occurred around the same time last year and hail fell in the cities of North Florida in late May.

Contact Univista Insurance and make sure you have appropriate comprehensive coverage to repair your car in the event of a hail storm, including a full replacement if necessary.

This policy not only covers hail, but also other threats that come from the hurricane season, such as floods or damage caused by wind-blown objects that can damage your car. Face the hurricane season with the best plan available.

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