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Halitosis: A major barrier to social life

Halitosis: A major barrier to social life. Bad breath limits the social life of those who suffer from it, interfering with intimate relationships, increasing distrust, decreasing self-esteem, and can cause stress and depression. Many people with bad breath are the target of mockery and rejection from their closest surroundings. Despite this, almost 30% of the population suffers from some form of bad breath caused by foods like garlic or onions, alcoholic beverages or coffee, and smoking, as well as the foul odor enhanced by stomach diseases, medications, and diabetes.
Specialists agree that 90% of halitosis cases originate in the mouth. It is caused by bacteria present in the gums, between the teeth, and on the tongue. Poor oral hygiene and improper brushing lead to dental plaque or tartar, which causes the onset of periodontal diseases and the subsequent unpleasant odor in the mouth.
Another cause of bad breath may be cavities or gum diseases. Improving mouth hygiene by increasing the frequency and quality of daily brushing, using dental floss, thoroughly cleaning the tongue, and maintaining the foods consumed are vital to prevent or control halitosis.
However, the most crucial step to combat it is to visit a dentist, who can recommend the most effective measures after an examination.
Even if someone does not suffer from halitosis, it is recommended to have two professional cleanings per year to maintain optimal oral health.
In this context, it is crucial to know that cleanings and preventive treatments are covered by almost all dental insurance available at Univista Insurance.
Remember that fresh breath can be your best introduction. Halitosis: A major barrier to social life.

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