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The best insurance to protect your restaurant

Here’s the best insurance to protect your restaurant. Having a restaurant is one of the most common businesses among immigrants. It’s a lovely way to make use of nostalgia, by putting in every dish a piece of the taste of childhood or a sip of the homemade memory of those meals that grandma used to prepare. No matter where the immigrant comes from, they will always consider theirs to be the authentic Argentinean, Venezuelan, Peruvian, Colombian, or Dominican flavor. This is how pizzerias emerge, where you can buy “the real Cuban pizzas,” or the Chinese restaurant “like that famous one that existed in Caracas,” or a Deli “just like the one we used to go to in Palermo, Buenos Aires.”
But behind this sentimental and rewarding business, there are some risks that we should not lose sight of. Restaurants must have a special commercial insurance policy for gastronomic establishments that includes a Business Owners Policy (BOP), workers’ compensation insurance, and another one against commercial crimes.
In a place where many diners come and go and food and drinks are constantly being handled, it is not far-fetched to think that a customer may slip and fall or suffer food poisoning.
It is possible that the customer may file a lawsuit against the business for the damages suffered. The best protection against this type of lawsuit is to have liability insurance, generally included in the BOP policy for restaurants.
It is also important to keep in mind that restaurant employees are not exempt from accidents, such as burns, cuts, amputations, or slips. Therefore, it is mandatory to have workers’ compensation insurance.
The restaurant itself could also suffer damage related to fires, natural disasters, or theft, and to mitigate these risks, owners must be very careful when purchasing insurance. For this, it is necessary to think about all the potential hazards that threaten the business and carefully read the policy to ensure that they are covered.
Once the appropriate insurance has been acquired, the owner’s only concern should be how to improve the service and make that piece of nostalgia put on a plate contain more flavor for the enjoyment of their customers.
If you want cheap and efficient commercial insurance, call Univista Insurance. Here’s the best insurance to protect your restaurant.

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