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Here’s what you need to know about barber insurance

Here’s what you need to know about barber insurance. Every type of business requires specialized insurance. Stylists and barbers need to have a comprehensive business owner’s insurance package, also known as a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy). This package includes various policies such as professional and general liability insurance, equipment breakdown coverage, loss of income coverage, and if you have employees, you are legally required to have workers’ compensation insurance.
Blades, scissors, sharp razors, hot water, and chemical products used for hair treatments can be potentially dangerous. If a stylist or one of their employees accidentally injures a client during an interaction or causes an allergic reaction while applying a product, general liability insurance usually covers such damages. It will also protect you from potential legal claims by clients.
No business is exempt from the risk of fire, theft, or vandalism. Typically, commercial property insurance policies cover damages caused by these risks. Moreover, if your business is forced to close while repairs are being made due to a covered risk, loss of income insurance will provide financial protection by paying for debts, salaries, and loan repayments.
Stylists and barbers use various expensive tools in their daily work. As the name suggests, equipment breakdown insurance is there to cover any breakage or malfunction of the equipment in the salon.
As you can see, it’s not enough to simply acquire any commercial insurance. Stylists and barbers should have a specific BOP policy that covers the typical risks of their profession.
To obtain the right commercial insurance tailored to the specificities of your business, contact Univista Insurance. Here’s what you need to know about barber insurance.

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