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Caution is forearmed

Armando is happy. He told me that he had bought a pump to extract the water from his house. Since, last year, when Hurricane Dorian rains occurred, it had been flooded for the first time.

Although the water level did not rise much, he had to replace the carpeted floors in all rooms with hardwood floors.

And since man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone, my friend has armed himself with this bilge pump, which he thinks will prevent him from suffering another flood.

“It is a German model that draws 300 liters per minute. It’s a shot ”, Armando told me, super happy with his new acquisition.

“This machine does not believe in anyone. The same takes the water with mud, leaves, and everything ”.

“And last but not least, in the garage, I still have some sandbags that were leftover from last time. So I have the complete kit for what comes. A cautious man is worth two, ”he said euphorically.

I asked him a rhetorical question with the intention of continuing the conversation “Did you purchase flood insurance?”

Unexpectedly, he answered no. “Na, I haven’t taken it out. Total, at best, not even flooded ”.

My friend is able to spend money on taking preventive measures. However, you do not have the precaution of investing in the only measure that would give you money to carry out the necessary arrangements, should you experience a flood.

You don’t do the same. Contact your Univista Insurance agent and purchase a policy that can pay you for water damage. Please note that homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage.

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