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Home insurance: From heaven to hell in a second

Home insurance: From heaven to hell in a second. Mariela and Gustavo decided to take three days off on Calasedi Island, a wonderful island with pristine beaches, located two hours from Orlando. This couple went there to detox from everyday stress. Three days without cell phones, without television, without a watch, without communication with the world.
They could not imagine what awaited him on his return. Arriving in Miami, they found that the house was completely flooded. The carpets in the rooms, the wooden floor in the living room and dining room. The expensive Rove Concepts sofa was completely wet, and the doors of the kitchen cabinets were swollen. The house was a real mess.
The water came out of the kitchen faucet that was open wide. They didn’t understand how it could have happened. But by viewing the video from the surveillance cameras, they found the source of the problem. An hour after they went out for a walk, the house cat, chasing a butterfly over the sink, had accidentally turned on the faucet.
For three days the water was coming out and wreaking havoc. The question that the owners had was whether the insurance would cover the damage caused by the flood. When calling his company, an agent informed them that this type of domestic accident was covered. Gustavo and Mariela breathed somewhat calmly. Even though now they have to change all the carpets, the wooden floors, the sofa, and the kitchen cabinets. After three days of relaxation, they found that their house was a real hell.
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