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Home Insurance: Learn from Juan’s mistakes

Home Insurance: Learn from Juan’s mistakes. Juan bought his dream home after many years of hard work and sacrifice. One day, he decided to save money by hiring his childhood friend, Luisito, to fix the electrical system. The idea of saving a few dollars seemed great, but the consequences were disastrous. Luisito, without following the necessary safety codes, carried out a faulty installation that resulted in a short circuit and, ultimately, a fire.
The inspection ordered by the insurance company revealed the mistakes made by the amateur electrician, so the insurer should have assumed the compensation that would have been due. The result is that Juan was left with a house in ruins, a hefty bill to pay, and a valuable lesson.
The statistics speak for themselves: domestic electrical fires are a real threat. In the United States, there are about 51,000 electrical fires annually, causing around 500 deaths, over 1,400 injuries, and property damage worth $1.3 billion.
Failures in electrical systems are the third leading cause of structural home fires.
It is essential to learn from Juan’s experience and understand that saving money on poor-quality electrical repairs can have costly and dangerous consequences. My grandmother used to say, “You get what you pay for.”
The best way to avoid similar situations is always to choose certified and experienced contractors who can stand behind the results of their work. Only risk hiring friends with the proper training. Ensure that any electrical work complies with local codes and regulations. This guarantees that your electrical system is safe and under your homeowner’s insurance policy.
Properly maintain your system and conduct regular inspections to identify potential issues before they become emergencies.
Review the clauses of your homeowner’s insurance and comply with them. A good policy can cover damages in an electrical fire, providing you with the necessary protection.
It doesn’t hurt to understand the potential dangers of electrical systems so that you can take the proper preventive measures, such as not overloading outlets and keeping wires in good condition.
Don’t put your assets at risk. I hope Juan’s mistakes serve as a lesson for you. Remember that you can have reliable home insurance if you call Univista Insurance. Home Insurance: Learn from Juan’s mistakes.

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