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How do I know if I need commercial auto insurance?

How do I know if I need commercial auto insurance? Vehicles are the essence of many businesses. They are used for deliveries, transportation of personnel, carrying goods, tools of trade, transporting customers, or bringing the product or service closer to the public. However, some business owners are unsure if they need to acquire commercial auto insurance.
The reality is that commercial vehicles, unlike personal vehicles, are subjected to more intense and demanding working conditions. They cover long distances, carry heavier loads, and many of them are driven by different individuals, exposing them to more risks.
Although commercial auto insurance may appear similar to private insurance, it covers specific incidents and risks related to the business activities, such as third-party claims and liability.
Furthermore, damages caused by accidents during commercial activities are only covered by commercial insurance. In other words, if you lack this insurance, all losses will come out of the company’s accounts or the owner’s pocket.
In Florida, commercial auto insurance is required for delivery vehicles, cargo trucks, and delivery vans. It is also necessary for professional service companies such as electricians, cleaning companies, masons, gardeners, food trucks, or any type of truck that sells products on the road, such as flowers, ice cream, clothing, or pet services.
Rental car companies require commercial insurance to protect their fleet of vehicles, and of course, passenger transportation companies such as taxi services, limousines, and buses. In this case, the policy will cover both passengers and the vehicles used in the business.
This is just a sample of the types of vehicles that require commercial auto insurance in Florida. The fundamental reason for having this policy is to protect oneself financially in case of accidents, damages, or injuries that occur during the commercial use of these vehicles.
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